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How Good are The Celtics?

What’s going on in Beantown with Paul Pierce and his Celtics teammates is nothing short of remarkable.

The Celtics (30-27) firmly in the 7th position in the Eastern Conference standings, are now setting it’s sights even higher. Being in 7th means avoiding defending champion Miami Heat in the 1st round of the playoffs, but why stop there?

 So, just how high can the C’s rise? Avery Bradley’s performance at running the point will have a lot to say about just how far this team climbs in the standings.  I mean, surely the over-the-hill gang in green can’t climb as high as 5th? 4th? The Atlanta Hawks (32-23) now reside in 4th, but are only up 3 games on Boston for the luxury of home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Where do you think the Celtics will end up in the standings, and how far will they go in the playoffs? Sports and Swag will be around to check it all out.

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