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NBA: Bogut trade as much a reason for Warriors success as drafting Curry and Thompson

Steph Curry gets the notoriety but Andrew Bogut just as big a piece of the Warriors winning puzzle.

It’s tough to argue that Steph Curry and his backcourt partner, Klay Thompson aren’t the biggest reasons behind the success of these Golden State Warriors. To say these dudes are ballin out of control would be a massive understatement. The Warriors dynamic duo are shooting lights out, averaging a combined 29.8 points for the series against the Spurs. San Antonio has had no answer for about 7 of the 8 quarters and 2 overtimes played in the series. As important as their emergence has been for the emergence of the Golden State Warriors, there’s one transaction that’s been just as important.

The acquisition of Andrew Bogut has been huge. Wait a minute. Not the Andrew Bogut that only played in 32 games and averaged 5.8 points per game, in an injury shortened 2013 season. Yes. I’m talking about that Andrew Bogut. The contributions by Bogut in the regular season were nothing to get excited about, but his performance in the playoffs has been huge. Especially, when the Warriors lost All Star David Lee, to injury in the Denver series. The 7’0″ 260lb center, who played his college ball at Utah, has stepped in for Lee admirably to say the least. His 8 points per game aren’t great, but his 13 rebounds per in the 2 games vs the Spurs are. He gives the Warriors that presence they have to have to deal with Tim Duncan and the rest of the Spurs. While Bogut’s presence is helping his team, it’s an absence that may be helping even more.

In the trade that brought Bogut to the Bay Area, guard Monta Ellis was shipped out to the Milwaukee Bucks. Monta Ellis is no doubt a skilled player and scorer. Well, mostly a scorer. The problem with that is Ellis knows it and it shows in his shot selection. Monta has never seen a shot he didn’t like. The question for the Warriors after drafting Curry, was how he and Ellis would co-exist in the same backcourt. The Warriors obviously made the right move. There was no way Monta Ellis would play Robin, while allowing Curry to be Batman. Moving Ellis also paved the way to draft Klay Thompson, who is a much better fit alongside Curry, and seems fine being the supporting actor. Plus, the Warrior still have their big man, Bogut. What a trade! The Bucks are somewhere practicing their tee shot, and buying bait for their fishing hooks, while the Warriors are doing battle with San Antonio Spurs.


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