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Swag Corner: Pacers fan did ‘Do The Right Thing’ in turning down Spike Lee’s $40 grand

The New York Knicks most known fan and his $40,000 not enough to woo Pacers fan to sell tickets. 

If there are Indiana Pacers fans that haven’t had Fuzzy’s Vodka, a lot of them that are of age to drink, are probably going to give it a try. And rightfully so. Stewart Reed should see an increase in business from his fellow Pacer fans after his of show loyalty. Stewart Reed is the owner of Fuzzy’s Vodka which is located in Indianapolis. Mr. Reed showed his hometown pride when he, reportedly turned down a $40,000 offer for seats to the Pacers vs Knicks 2nd round playoff game, which are located directly behind the Pacers bench. Spike Lee couldn’t persuade this Pacer fan, and that Pacer fan gladly watched his Pacers beat the Knicks in game 3.

Mr. Reed, in my eye did the right thing. He’s obviously a man that’s very successful in his business ( take a look at the Fuzzy’s Vodka website), and he doesn’t seem like someone that really needed the money. I’m a guy that’s huge on loyalty. For me, that includes loyalty towards sports teams I root for. I highly doubt there would be many that would have turned down that kind of money for something as simple as basketball tickets, probably me included (I can use $40,000), but I think it’s refreshing to see someone actually do so. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Fuzzy’s Vodka, but I’m definitely going keep an eye out for it. Stewart Reed did the right thing in this situation. The same can probably be said about his vodka.

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