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The Shame of Rolando McClain

After only 3 NFL seasons, Rolando McClain has announced his retirement.

One unwritten rule in the world of the Rich and Famous should be to never forget where you came from, and once you get to the top, remember the people that helped you reach your peak. Unfortunately, so many successful actors, musicians, and sports stars have broken this rule. Like most rules, however, there are exceptions. On the top of the exceptions list is the now retired NFL veteran, of 3 seasons. Rolando McClain.

Rolando McClain, announced his retirement on Wednesday, after only 3 seasons from the NFL. His retirement is the culmination of an unthinkable series events that McClain encountered since being the Oakland Raiders 1st round selection, and 8th pick overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. Unthinkable, because this is the same Rolando McClain that was an All-SEC performer at linebacker in his freshman season at Alabama. A 3rd team All-America in his sophomore season. A unanimous 1st team All-America selection, the Dick Butkus, and Lambert Award winner for the nation’s best linebacker, and unmistakably one of the more influential leaders of the 2009 BCS National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide. He was picked by the Raiders to help bolster a defense that was one of the worst in the NFL at stopping the run. Rolando, was on top of the world. Until, he went home.

*On December 1, 2011, McClain was arrested in Decatur Alabama, with 3rd degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm within city limits. He was found guilty on all counts in a May 2012 court appearance. In November 2012, the victim in the incident decided not to press charges after a financial settlement was reportedly reached between both parties.

*In January of this year, McClain was arrested by Decatur police, after an officer pulled him over for a window tint violation. McClain, gave the officer a false name and was booked, but later released on bond from the Morgan county jail.

*Last month, McClain was arrested yet again in Decatur on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at a large gathering, in a Decatur area park.

All of these incidents have one common denominator. McClain’s hometown, Decatur Alabama. Which brings me to my point. Maybe, just maybe, if Rolando would have stayed away from home, at least some of this may not have happened. McClain, 23, is still quite young and I’m sure wanted to come home to be with friends and family whenever possible. I get that. However, there is something or someone in Decatur, that brings the worst out of Rolando McClain. At least it did, when it seemed like he could do no wrong. Now, after 3 short seasons, his NFL career is seemingly over. It’s a shame. I’m sure I don’t stand alone in hoping that Rolando gets his life in order, and is able to play in the NFL again. First, he has to be productive in society. That starts at home.

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