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NFL: Tim Tebow is baaaaaack!

New England Patriots are good for Tim Tebow. Is Tebow good for the Patriots?

 Skip Bayless, is somewhere smiling ear to ear. His hero is back. The New England Patriots signed his hero, Tim Tebow to a 2 year contract, today. No money is guaranteed on the contract, so just how long Tebow can actually call himself a Patriot remains to be seen, but news of Tebow’s signing has sent shockwaves throughout the NFL and the sports world. Is this the Patriots, merely filling a roster spot and seeing what happens, or do the Pats actually have plan? The move makes a lot of sense for Tebow, but does it make sense for the Patriots?

In the world of sports, there are franchises that make moves like these look like a stroke of genius. On the other hand, there are also franchises that make moves like these an absolute train wreck. The New York Jets ‘experiment’ with Tebow last season, is a prime example of a train wreck. It wasn’t a good move from the start. The Jets had Mark Sanchez in the fold, as their starting quarterback, but the level of trust the Jets coaches and management showed in Sanchez was miniscule. Add to that, a media firestorm of epic proportions. After all, New York City, is the media capitol of the world. Sanchez, seems to be very tempermental, and the addition of Tebow only added fuel to the fire, that was bound blow up in the Jets face.

The New England Patriots, however, are a completely different story. First of all, the Patriots have complete trust in their quarterback. Tom Brady, isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Secondly, while the Patriots are always on the national radar, it’s nothing like dealing with the media in New York. Finally, and most importantly, the Patriots are a well run organization. From the owner, to the GM, to Bill Belichick and the coaching staff, the Pats foundation is very strong. If, any team can make this work, it’s the New England Patriots. How they will make it work is the question?

Initial reports say; the Pats plan to have Tebow play QB and back up Brady, and Ryan Mallett. I think this is ultimately where Tebow needs to be. It’s not like the guy has NO QB skills at all. Playing quarterback at Florida, while winning two national championships, and a Heisman Trophy proves he has skills. He even, had his moments while in Denver. So, why should he want, or have to play another position? Learning a completely new position, and playing that position well, at this point in a players career is extremely difficult. The Jets clearly made the wrong move acquiring Tebow, but they also compounded that move, by not developing Tebow more and working him into their system. If, Tebow makes the team, I don’t see Belichick and offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels making that mistake. Tebow’s not going to play QB, not even ahead of Ryan Mallett, but the key word is development. I’ve always believed, with the right franchise, and in the right system, Tebow can be successful in the NFL. If, it doesn’t happen in New England, it’s not going to happen.


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