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NFL: Give Romo a break… least this time Cowboys fans


Most Dallas Cowboys fans aren’t going to listen to me, but I’m gonna say it anyway. On a day where the Cowboys D gave up 51 points (not many talking about that),Tony Romo played his you know what off today to have his team in position to win a game nobody thought they had a chance to win. Sure, it was typical Romo. Costly turnover at the most costly of times, but what about the first 57 minutes? Granted there were some obvious holes in the Broncos D, but Romo executed as well, as I’ve ever seen him. Standing in the pocket and putting passes on the money time after time.  Still it wasn’t enough.

Romo’s performance marked only the 5th time in NFL history, for a QB to throw for 500 yards and 5 TD’s in a game. Romo completed 25 out 36 of his passes for 506 yards, 5 TD’s and that one interception. Those numbers tell me everything I need to know and more about Romo’s performance today. Another number may have gone a long way in deciding who would win this game. The number 12. That’s the number of times Cowboys running back, Demarco Murray carried the ball today. Murray, had only 43 yards in those 12 carries, but he did have a touchdown. There was only one other rushing attempt all day by a Cowboys running back.

I look at Murray as being a very underrated running back in the NFL, and I think that a lot of times the Cowboys ditch the running game when there is no need to. This was especially important today vs Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  Anytime you can keep that Denver offense on the sideline you’re not only helping your offense, but you’re also helping the defense. As good as Romo and the Cowboys were in the passing game, there is still a need for a more balanced attack. Jason Garrett, and offensive coordinator, Bill Callahan seem intent on airing it out game after game.

The interception by Denver’s Danny Trevathan all but sealed the Cowboys fate today, but without Romo, this game would have been over well before halftime. As a matter of fact, this type of game has been a game that the Cowboys would have sometimes thrown in the towel, after the Broncos came back and took the lead. The questions and criticism need to be pointed at this team’s mindset as a whole. Not just Tony Romo. Just last week, the Cowboys struggled and lost to the San Diego Chargers. If, they played the Chargers with the intensity they played with against the Broncos today, the Cowboys record would be 3-2, even with today’s loss. So, Cowboys fans, while you’re roasting Tony Romo for his interception, think about how well he played before that INT. Then, think about how much better you would feel about your team if they had handled business in San Diego last Sunday. Whatever you do, give Tony Romo a break. At least this time………..

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