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Texans embarrassed by Rams. Texans fans embarrassed by themselves…..

Bags are becoming quite fashionable for Houston Texans fans…


St. Louis Rams  38  Houston Texans  13

The Houston Texans had high hopes for the 2013-14 season. There were even thoughts of a February trip to New York City. Not for a vacation, of course, but to play in Super Bowl 48. After a 2-0 start those dreams are fading fast, with four consecutive losses, including an embarrassing home blowout loss to the mediocre at best St. Louis Rams. As embarrassing as yesterday’s loss was for the Texans, the most embarrassing party involved were the Texans fans. Well, at least some of them.

After much maligned QB, Matt Schaub went down with a right ankle injury, loud cheers were heard from the crowd. Wow! How do you clean that up? That had to be a terrible feeling for Schaub. It was uncalled for what some of the Houston fans did yesterday and they owe Schaub and the Texans organization an apology. I think the Texans football team owes the fans an apology for their horrific play over the last few weeks, but bad play on the field pales in comparison to the way some of their fans acted yesterday.

Schaub’s performance has been well documented. He’d thrown Pick 6’s in four consecutive games. The last three resulted in Houston losses. By the way, the Pick 6 streak continues. The streak reached 5 games, as the Rams Alec Ogletree intercepted TJ Yates pass and returned it 98 yards for the score. I hated that for Yates, but I loved it for the so called Texans fans that cheered Schaubs injury. Those fans should wear bags over their heads. Not from embarrassment of their team, but from embarrassment of themselves.


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