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Bradley Beal’s emergence is making the Wizards back court one of the NBA’s best………


The Washington Wizards off to a bit of a slow start this season. Their record is 2-3 so far, coming off a nice 112-108 overtime win against Brooklyn. Of the three losses, only one is a real head scratcher. The loss at home to the 76ers. The Wizards have had a couple of injuries that have contributed to them not hitting on all cylinders. The back court, however, is playing some serious ball.

We all know about John Wall. He’s off to an impressive start. Wall, is nearly averaging a double-double in points and assists (19.8 ppg / 9.8 apg). However, he’s only half of what’s turning into a pretty dynamic duo in Washington’s back court.

Bradley Beal, the second year guard out of Florida, has been lighting it up as well. Beal, is averaging 18 points of his own per contest. His versatility is quite remarkable. These days, few young guards have the complete game Beal has shown so far, in his young NBA career. He’s athletic with a good handle, so he has no problem getting to the rim and finishing, and he is also a very good outside shooter. His 41% from 3-point range will attest to that. More times than not, guards can usually do one or the other, but not both this early in their career.

The only downside to Beal is he’s only 6 ‘4″ in a league full of shooting guards 6’ 6″ or better. So, that could be a problem in some matchups defensively, but offensively, a lot of teams will have trouble matching up with Beal and Wall. With this back court and moves like the Wizards pulled to acquire Marcin Gortat, there is a lot of promise for the future in the Nation’s Capital. Despite the slow start, a playoff appearance looks like a definite possibility…..




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