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NBA: Magic Johnson runs his mouth again, happy Dantoni resigns from Lakers…….


Whether, talk of Magic Johnson being interested in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers is true or not, the former Laker great continues to run his mouth on Twitter like he’s still ‘all in’ for the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, the greatest Laker of all-time is free to say what he wants about the team he helped deliver 5 NBA titles. However, I think the way the message is delivered can be just as important as the message. Magic, who has been a very successful businessman since retiring from playing and a short stint as a coach, took to Twitter last night to express his feelings on Lakers head coach, Mike D’Antoni, resigning from that position.



Really? Was this really necessary? Magic’s comments on Twitter and in various interviews about how D’Antoni was so in over his head, and would never be a good fit in L.A. are beyond childish. Just because you don’t agree with his style of play or how he interacts with certain players, doesn’t mean you should disrespect him in social media. I thought Magic was supposed to be so much bigger than that? He’s obviously not.

I think D’Antoni deserves some credit for staying the course in the worst possible nightmare of a season. How many coaches could have done better with a roster that wasn’t much better than it’s D-League roster? How many coaches could have done better after losing Kobe Bryant barely a few weeks into the season, and Pau Gasol in and out all season with various injuries? How many coaches could have endured the whole mess that was the Lakers season, with the class D’Antoni showed all season?

Whether, D’Antoni was the man for the job or not, he handled it about as well as anyone could have. He deserves respect for that. I don’t blame him one bit for leaving L.A., because no one in L.A. ever had his back. I also don’t blame the Lakers in not picking up his option for 2015. However, it’s not like he hasn’t been successful as a coach. Two trips to the Western Conference Finals with the Phoenix Suns. He’s also been an assistant coach for Coach K in the Olympics. He’s obviously respected somewhere, and I suspect he’ll land on his feet and be successful again. Somewhere. As for Magic, why doesn’t he talk about his stint as Lakers head coach on Twitter. That would be a very interesting, albeit short conversation…..



  • Jame Wilson says:

    D’Antoni was never the man for the LA job but the Buss Fam hired him. All “anger” should be aimed at the owners! D’Antoni was NOT the problem in LA, mediocre players where. No coach can replace Phil and they won’t be happy with any coach that is hired as long as they are losing. Everybody keeps talking about the Triangle. The Triangle only works with the right personnel. I don’t see them having a chance in H-E-L-L of turning things around until they lose Kobe and totally rebuild. You won’t get Melo so prepare to undermine the next coach that you get. Winning now has spoiled Lakers fans, they don’t have the patience to wait for the that team to rebuild and they don’t have the salary cap room to make it good NOW. Just all around dysfunctional…put Melo on that team and you still won’t win the West. Too many much better teams in that conference now! Melo by himself couldn’t get it done in the Eastern conference that is much weaker than the west. LA will be bad for a minimum of 2 to 4 more years….get use to it!

    p.s. Magic Johnson…you can’t wish ill will on everybody else and not expect it to knock on your door sooner or later. You’re losing a lot of respect right now!

    • Carey Wood says:

      You’re right. Laker fans are very spoiled. Can’t be mad about that though. I also agree that the anger should be pointed at management no the coach. I do think that the Lakers can make a quicker comeback than 2 – 4 years. Now, when I say comeback. I mean making the playoffs and getting to the conference semis. They should get a pretty good draft pick and a piece or 2 in free agency. What can I say about Magic Johnson? I didn’t think those remarks showed any class at all. He’s my 2nd favorite player ever, but I don’t like things he’s said lately. Thanks for reading and big thanks for your comments.

      • Jame Wilson says:

        In my opinion the remarks he made about the Laker coach were uncalled for and not necessary for him to make even if he did think that. I did not care for what Magic said. However, Magic has been my favorite player since I was a young kid. Loved the way he played the game. I also have been a big fan of the Lakers since I was very young. Sad to not see them in the play-offs this year. But they will be back I am sure.

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