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5 Questions 5 Answers: NFC Wildcard – Lions at Cowboys

imageWell what do you know. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2009. They face Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys, winners of the NFC East come in one of the hottest teams, and one of the more versatile teams in the league. The Lions made it to this point, mostly with their defense. Can Stafford get the Lions in gear offensively to pull off the upset in Big D? We have another edition of 5 Questions 5 Answers…….


  Q1:  Who has the bigger day? Megatron or Dez?

  A:  Dez.  While, Calvin Johnson is still capable of putting up some pretty big numbers, but his numbers have gone down as he’s gotten older and endured more injuries. However, in last year’s meeting, Megatron burned the Cowboys defense to a tune of 329 yards. Another big day by Megatron would be huge. Is Stafford ready to deliver? Dez, in my eye, is the best receiver in the league right now. The rapport between he and Romo has been incredible this season. Look for Dez to have a big day. Despite going up against a stout defense.

  Q2:  How much of a factor will Ndamukong Suh be now that he is eligible to play?

  A:  Huge.  Suh’s presence is vital to having any shot at slowing down Demarco Murray and the Cowboys running attack. He can also get pressure on Romo. The Lions definitely have a much better chance to win the game with Suh, than without.

  Q3:  How strong of a candidate should Tony Romo be for MVP?

  A:  Strong. But, not as strong as the guy he hands the ball off to. Demarco Murray, should be in line with the Packers Aaron Rodgers, and the Texans J.J. Watt. Murray’s breakout season is the main reason for the Cowboys success this season. As good as, Romo has been throwing the football to Bryant, Jason Witten, and company, the offensive line and the holes they’ve opened up for Murray are the biggest reason for the surge of the Cowboys.

Q4:  Who needs to be the Lions X-Factor for them to win?

A:  Joique Bell would be a candidate. Even though, he leads the Lions in rushing and is a focal point of the offense, he’s an option behind Johnson, and leading receiver Golden Tate. Bell, impacts the game running the ball and receiving out of the backfield. A big game by him will loosen up the Cowboys D and create opportunities for Stafford to throw the ball down field. Another candidate is Eric Ebron from his tight end position.

Q5:  Who’s done the better coaching job? Jim Caldwell or Jason Garrett?

A:  Both coaches have done a great job this season. But, Garrett gets the edge. First of all, the Cowboys played a tougher schedule overall than the Lions. That schedule was highlighted by the win at Seattle. The Cowboys also dismantled another playoff team in the Indianapolis Colts just a few weeks ago. That’s not to take anything away from the job Caldwell has done. We knew the Lions were good defensively. But, we didn’t know if the offense could hold up enough for them to contend. Speaking of contention, no one thought of the Lions as a contender before the season started. But, there they were, the last week of the season with an opportunity to win the division against the Packers. Really good coaching jobs by both….





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