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Super Bowl XLIX: Prediction – Seahawks go Beastmode with win over Brady and the Patriots…


With ‘deflategate’ finally quieting down to a simmer, and talk about Marshawn Lynch talking loud but saying nothing to the media in the back of our minds, we can finally focus on football. We can finally focus on the game, and more importantly who wins Super Bowl XLIX…

This game reminds me a lot of last year’s Super Bowl. The Seahawks come into the game after a fantastic ending to the NFC Championship Game. Again, that vaunted Seattle D is pitted against a legend at quarterback. Last year, it was Peyton Manning. This year, it’s Tom Brady. The talk of town last year in New York City was how the Seahawks D (The Legion of Boom) would be exposed by Peyton. Well, we all know how that turned out. The problem for Brady and the Pats is they face some of the same challenges the Broncos faced last year.

For one, Brady is not very mobile. His wheels are better than Manning’s, but he can still be a statue at times. The Patriots also don’t have serious big play threats at receiver. That’s something Denver had and were still mercilessly unsuccessful. I do trust the Pats running game a bit more than the Broncos. If there is weakness in the Seahawks D, it’s between the tackles against the run. Lagarette Blount has to have a big game. He’s shown that he’s capable.

For the Seahawks, it comes down to the zone-read. When, Russell Wilson has success throwing the ball down field , it’s usually set up with the zone-read and Marshawn Lynch. Of course, the Pats have to step up and stop that play. I think the Patriots will have their moments, but will that be enough?

This game is set up to be one of the most memorable Super Bowls in recent history. Tough, Big play defense against in my eye, the second best QB ever. Or, least since I’ve around. It should be a very entertaining game. But, there is just something about this Seattle team. We saw it last year, and it has continued to now. The Big game wits of Belichick and Brady will give the Pats a chance to win. But,  in the end Beastmode is gonna make a play. You know he is just wait on it.  Seahawks 27 Patriots 17.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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