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LeBron who? Twitter, Facebook, IG, explode with #DellyMania


First DellyMania took over Cleveland when Matthew Dellavedova did his thing to Derrick Rose. Then, it was the Hawks Jeff Teague that was next to go Delly up. Now, DellyMania has gone worldwide, as Delly has shown up ‘The Chef’, Steph Curry and put his imprint on a 2-1 Cavaliers lead over the Golden State Warriors. When, you go worldwide on Twitter, Facebook, IG, and G+ this is what happens.

Daddy Delly the soap opera star


Delly the Gladiator


Forget about NAS. Forget about DMX. Forget about any and everything you knew about ‘Belly’ the movie and get ready for LBJ and Delly! In ‘Delly’ the movie…..


Meanwhile, in downtown Cleveland


Someone might need to tell the thousands of Cavs fans that are celebrating tonight in downtown Cleveland that there are still two more games to win. Ijs. In what has to be the biggest Game 3 party ever, Cleveland really represented. The party looked more like a championship celebration than just a Game 3 win. But, when you’re a city that’s never won an NBA Finals game, I understand.

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  • Derrick says:

    I don’t know how long Delly keeps this up. But if the Cavs pull of the upset than I believe they have found a hidden gem in Delly.

    • Carey Wood says:

      I feel ya. I just think the Warriors didn’t meet the Cavs intensity in the first 3 games. They met that intensity tonight. Nothing against Delly, but he’s just a little bit of average player that’s been laying it on the line.

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