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NBA Finals: Preview – Steph leads Warriors to first title since 1975 over LeBron and the Cavs


No need for lengthy explanations of why the Warriors will win or the Cavs will lose. No need to break these two teams down. If you’ve watched these two teams over the last few months and especially the last few weeks like I have, you know all you need to know.

The Warriors of course, have home court advantage. They’ve lost only 3 times there all year. Expect that to change. LeBron, has no fear of any road atmosphere. Unfortunately, this isn’t just another road atmosphere. The Cavs getting one game can be expected. Getting two isn’t very likely.

The Warriors have been very good on the road, as well. Expect them to get one in Cleveland. The biggest weakness for these Warriors? Experience. Not one player on their roster has ever been this far. The flip side of that is only one Cavaliers currently playing has ever been this far. LeBron James, Mike Miller, and James Jones. All with the Miami Heat. So, even though the Warriors have no prior Finals experience on their roster, the Cavs advantage isn’t very significant. The Warriors also possess multiple players that guard King James. Draymond Green will probably see the bulk of the action, but Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and others will have their shot.

Slowing down James and Steph Curry will of course be a huge focus, but the series could easily be won in the matchup between Green and the Cavs Tristan Thompson. Green, is very Perimeter oriented on offense, but he’s struggled to make shots in the playoffs. His making shots and rebounding could be the difference in this series. Thompson, has played incredibly well. But, I give the edge to Green and the Warriors in a matchup I fully expect to go the distance. You heard it, or should I say read it here. Warriors in 7.

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