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Vols’ switch to Nike and new checkerboard stripes are a good look…


University of Tennessee Football has always been rich with pageantry and tradition. Whether, it’s ‘Rocky Top’, the tailgating before the game, or the way the team splits ‘The T’ that’s formed by the band as they run onto the field to start the game. There are few places around the  country that can match the atmosphere in Knoxville on a fall Saturday afternoon.

Want more tradition? How about the checkerboard endzones?  Well, if you’re a Vol fan and like the checkerboard endzones, you’ll probably be happy to know that tradition is being extended to the team’s uniform pants and helmets.


The university unveiled the new look with the checkerboard stripes on Wednesday, as they make the switch from Adidas to Nike as their apparel provider. Of course, it wouldn’t be Nike if they just stopped at only adding checkerboard striping. New ‘Smoky’ colored uniforms were also unveiled.


We’ve seen the Smoky look before. But, that was with the traditional white helmet. This time around, the uniform will be Smoky from head to toe. Of course, the checkerboard will be in effect on these, also. In addition, there’s also the Smoky Mountains pattern of the helmet. Very nice touch.


It’s hard not to like the new look. Especially, the Smoky Mountain pattern on the helmet. I was never big on the white helmet over the Smoky grey unis. Overall, Volunteer fans have to be excited. Their football team is on the rise and one of the favorites in the SEC East, and now thanks to Nike, the team will continue to keep in touch with their tradition and look good doing it.

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