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Brandon Marshall in ‘Tights’ after Jets win over Colts


The New York Jets were penalized 8 times for 90 yards in their improbable win, Monday night over the Indianapolis Colts. But, their star receiver Brandon Marshall should have gotten a flag or two for the outfit he wore as he did a live spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter after the game. The jacket is inbounds. It’s actually pretty cool. But, there has to be at least a 5-yard illegal procedure penalty for the tights/yoga pants, and a 15-yard personal foul penalty and a loss of down for the shoes.


Not sure what Brandon was thinking on this one. Especially, when you figure this outfit probably cost him at least a few stacks.  Guess you can do that when you scored a TD tonight, and your team is 2-0 like the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets are.

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