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Dwight Howard helps Houston Rockets unveil three new alternate uniforms

Many fans of the Houston Rockets have wanted their favorite team to rock a black alternate uniform. Well, those fans will get their wish. At an exclusive event for season ticket holders today in Houston, Dwight Howard, Donatas Montiejunas, and rookie first round draft pick, Sam Dekker were used as the models to help the Houston Rockets unveil three new alternate uniforms. One of which is black.



The black alternate worn by Dekker, is called the “Space City alternate, and is definitely the better looking of three. Although, I do somewhat like the ‘ketchup and mustard’ alternate worn by Montiejunas. It keeps that connection with the Rockets’ two NBA Championship teams of 1994 and 95, that wore the same colors. Unfortunately, besides the sleeves and the ‘Clutch City’ across the chest, this is the same alternate uniform they’ve used for the last several years. The Rockets will reportedly, debut the ‘Clutch City’ alternate in a November 25th home game against the Dallas Mavericks.


The alternate worn by D12 looks to be grey. Just like the black alternate, the grey alternate has the checkerboard design down the sides. Here’s a look at Dwight ‘aka’ ‘Superman’. These look ok, but are beginning to grow on me.


These uniforms aren’t growing on everyone, however. ‘Clutch City’ trended on Twitter for a little while. But, it was due to some not feeling the new look, and some who think it’s stupid for a franchise that hasn’t won a title in 20 years, to don the nickname, ‘Clutch City. Here are a few examples of the’ Clutch City’ Twitter Chatter…….

@JoshBrewer_BCS: #Rockets new alternates are decent. Black one is solid, gray is eh, but Clutch City? Cmon now. Have you seen your team in the playoffs?

@NateDrummer96: @HoustonRockets Clutch City? Did Steve Patterson come up with that? If so, he should be fired.

Wasn’t being fired once today enough for former University of Texas athletic director, Steve Patterson?

A few more…….

@TOprone: Am I missing something? When did Houston become “Clutch City”?

@SomeGoodKarma: They’re ok. But that clutch city looks like the McDonald’s HS Allstar uniform. Yikes!

@that_dude_ezy: How yall have have clutch city jersey when your best player is not clutch?

@JDUBG: Rocket better not lose in them Clutch city jerseys.

Wow! The Clutch City hasn’t exactly been a hit, outside of, well………. Clutch City. It should also be asked where was James Harden during this presentation? Perhaps, The Beard was hanging out with his new love, Khloe KardashianKim, and Kanye. Wonder what he thinks of the new look? So, what do you think? Are the new Rockets unis ‘Clutch’? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading!


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