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NFL Power Rankings and Stock Report – Week 4


Buying stock in Derek Carr and the Raiders has become quite the popular, and smart thing to do. At least, for now.

Week 3 in the NFL is in the books. But, before we move on to Week 4, lets take a look at where each team stands, and also take a look around the league at some teams and players that are on the rise that you might want to buy in to, as well as some that are on the decline that you might want to sell. One team trending in the right direction are the Oakland Raiders. A big reason the Raiders are trending in the right direction is the play of their quarterback, Derek Carr. The Raiders have won two in a row, and are in a good position to possibly win their third in a row this Sunday. As a matter of fact, the Raiders are favorite over the Chicago Bears, at Soldier Field. This is the first time since Even though, the Raiders are definitely on an upward trend, where does this improved level of play place them in the Sports & Swag NFL Power Rankings – Week 4? Read on to find out……


It’s not looking like the Patriots are slowing down anytime soon. The Pats demolished the Jaguars 51-17, and are clearly clicking on all cylinders. The Packers, despite their injuries are second. However, it’s very close between them and the Broncos. Even though, we’re obviously seeing a Peyton Manning that is showing the effect of ‘Father Time’, the Broncos defense is pretty nasty, and is the main reason they’ve won their first three games. Manning, has the perfect storm right now. He’s not as effective. The Broncos won’t score as many points, as we’re used to seeing them score, but the defense will keep them in every game and give Peyton and company a shot to win. Elsewhere in the rankings, we see that the Steelers are ranked below teams like the Falcons and Panthers. While, those teams are undefeated, the Steelers would normally still be ranked ahead of those teams. The Steelers loss came at New England, and I think we’d all agree that with Big Ben Roethlisberger in the lineup, the Steelers are undoubtedly better than both of those teams. For now, we’ll drop the Michael Vick led Steelers back to the pack of 2-1 teams.

1. PATRIOTS     (3-0)  🔥                  17. EAGLES              (1-2) 🔻

2. PACKERS       (3-0) 🔥                  18. CHIEFS               (1-2) 🔻

3. BRONCOS       (3-0) 🔺                 19. CHARGERS       (1-2) 🔻

4. BENGALS        (3-0) 🔺                 20. GIANTS              (1-2)

5. CARDINALS   (3-0) 🔺                 21. TEXANS              (1-2) 🔻

6. FALCONS     (3-0) 🔺                     22. BROWNS           (1-2)

7. PANTHERS     (3-0) 🔺                  23. TITANS              (1-2) 🔺

8. BILLS               (2-1) 🔺                   24. JAGUARS          (1-2)🔺

9. STEELERS       (2-1) 🔻                  25. 49ERS                 (1-2) 🔻

10. SEAHAWKS  (1-2) 🔻                  26. DOLPHINS       (1-2) 🔻

11. COWBOYS      (2-1) 🔻                  27. REDSKINS        (1-2)

12. JETS                (2-1) 🔺                   28. BUCCANEERS (1-2)

13. RAIDERS      (2-1) 🔺                    29. RAVENS            (0-3) 🔻

14. VIKINGS       (2-1) ↔                    30. LIONS                (0-3) 🔻

15. RAMS             (1-2) ↔                    31. SAINTS               (0-3) 🔻

16. COLTS           (1-2) 🔻                    32. BEARS                (0-3)



Stock Up:

Derek Carr & Oakland Raiders – Wow, have the Raiders rebounded from that disastrous opening loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. After, beating the Ravens at home, the Raiders then went on the road for their third straight game against the AFC North and soundly defeated the Cleveland Browns. There’s no doubt that new head coach, Jack Del Rio has things moving in the right direction. Of course, it always helps to finally have a quarterback in this quarterback league we call the NFL. Carr, has absolutely fit the bill, and first round pick, Amari Cooper has been as good as advertised. The Raiders also aren’t too bad defensively under Ken Norton Jr. The Kansas City Chiefs had better be careful. These Raiders could easily replace them as the second best team in the AFC West and possibly contend for a Wildcard spot.

Stock Down:

Alex Smith & Kansas City Chiefs – I’m not going to say I’d straight up sell the Chiefs right now. But, I definitely wouldn’t be buying, and if I were holding on to them at this point, I’d be very very nervous and a sale wouldn’t be far away. This is a team that under Andy Reid should undoubtedly be a playoff team. Right now, they look like anything but. Jamaal Charles, is a top-5 running back, and their defense is quite good led by linebacker Justin Houston. However, quarterback is a different story. Alex Smith, seems to be holding this offense back. The vertical passing game is non-existent, even with the newly acquired Jeremy Maclin, and with that there are few holes opening up for Charles. It’s making Andy Reid look like an ordinary at best play-caller. Unless, Reid has lost several steps since he left Philly, we all know better than that.


Cam Newton – This guy may never have pin-point accuracy, but despite his sometimes over-the-top showmanship, he’s now showing himself to be the leader of this Carolina Panthers team. There’s no doubting him to be the face of the franchise, but it’s another thing to be the leader on the field and in the locker room. When, you look at Newton’s supporting cast, you can’t help but be throroughly impressed. The Panthers schedule thus far makes it understandable to hesitate buying the Panthers as a true championship contender, but there should be no hesitation on buying Newton at this point. The Panthers defied the odds by winning consecutive NFC South titles last season. Things look to be setting up for the Panthers to win it again. Providing the Falcons don’t have something to say about it.


New Orleans Saints – It’s not like I would have advised buying the Saints before the season started, but there was certainly a lot better feeling about them then versus now. Losing Drew Brees to injury is only part of the problem. There are holes defensively that have Saints fans questioning Rob Ryan, there’s very little of the offensive star-power that in the past had Brees breaking records left and right, and Brees himself even when he is playing is nowhere near the elite passer he used to be.









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