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Too early to count Razorbacks out in SEC Title race

Think Arkansas head coach, Bret Bielema, will open his mouth again? Yeah. He probably will, but it might be a while. Instead of focusing on the Ohio State Buckeyes and their lack of a quality schedule, maybe he should have been a little more focused on his own team. Losing to Toledo is pretty bad to say the least. There are several reasons why. First of all, being a ranked team is a thing of the past. The Razorbacks have dropped far outside of both polls, and understandably so. Second of all, is the pure embarrassment. Truth be told, those teams from the MAC (Mid-American Conference) are actually pretty good. Don’t believe me? Just ask Tennessee who watched Bowling Green drive up and down the field all afternoon to a tune of over 400 yards of offense. Or, ask Maryland who actually lost to that same Bowling Green team this past weekend. Still, this is the SEC. You have to beat teams like that, especially at home. The Hogs failed to take care of the Rockets, so here they are in a total mess. Still, despite the loss, its way too early to count the Arkansas Razorbacks out of the SEC Title race.

Looking at the stats for the game, you would have a hard time figuring how Toledo was able to pull off the upset.

  • 515 to 318 edge in total yards
  • 30 first downs to Toledo’s 15
  • Only one turnover and only one more penalty than Toledo

So, how did Arkansas let this happen?

How did they manage to score only 10 offensive points with that many yards and only one turnover?

One reason might be throwing 53 passes with a so-so QB like Brandon Allen. Despite all the yards, he was off. Now, if you’re equipped with what was predicted to be one of the best rushing offenses in the country, you probably shouldn’t throw near that many times, even if Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady  is your QB. Fifty-three times in the air is just far too many. Then, there’s the lack of effectiveness from Alex Collins, and the rest of the Hogs’ running game. Which, is probably the main reason for throwing so many passes. Collins, gained only 54 yards on 20 carries. That’s not going to get it done against anyone. However, it’s far too early to shovel dirt on Arkansas. At least there was some success offensively. You don’t gain over 500 yards and see nothing go right. So, there’s one positive.Then, there’s a look back to last season when the Razorbacks took a trip to Lubbock Texas early in the season to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders. That game quickly became the Hogs coming out party, and sent them well on their way to looking like they were a top 10 or 15 team by season’s end. The Razorbacks face those same Red Raiders at home this weekend. Talking about a chance to right the ship.

If they are able to right that ship, everything they thought they would be able to play for before the season would still be in play. Plus, has any of the SEC West teams looked invincible this season? No. Not at all. With the possible exceptions of Alabama or Texas A&M. Trust me. Neither of those teams are unbeatable. Can the Hogs get back on track for a possible trip to Atlanta. If they do, it has to start this weekend against Texas Tech.


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