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Chip Kelly firing could be bad timing for…… Chip Kelly

The 49ers letting Chip Kelly go is a good thing for Chip Kelly. The timing however, could be bad.

Now, that the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly fired Chip Kelly, speculation of where he coaches next will be increased. As long as that destination is in college and not the NFL, Chip should be fine. However, the timing couldn’t have been much worse. Of course,

Since, Chip Kelly landed in the Bay Area, just think of the jobs that have opened up in the college ranks. We’ve had Texas, LSU, Baylor, and of course Oregon just to name a few. Besides LSU, it’s hard to argue that Chip would have been a good fit at any of these programs. Hindsight is always 20/20. But, Chip should have exercised a little patience after being fired as Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Maybe, become an ESPN analyst. If, he had just come to the realization that this NFL thing probably isn’t for him, he likely would have one of these high-profile jobs.

Texas looks to have done well in hiring Tom Herman. Willie Taggart isn’t a bad hire at Oregon. But, if you’re Texas, a more proven commodity like Kelly would have made things very interesting. Let’s say Kelly did take the Texas job. The domino effect would have changed things big time around college football. Herman, would likely be in Baton Rouge or Eugene, instead of Austin. Taggart, could still be in Tampa at South Florida, and who knows where former Texas coach Charlie Strong would be.

That doesn’t mean Chip will be in the unemployment line very long. There are several high-profile jobs that could open up next season. Tennessee and Texas A&M are two places that would be great landing spots for Kelly. Auburn could also be a possibility in the SEC, along with LSU if Ed Orgeron doesn’t get the job done. Even Oklahoma could be vacant if things don’t get better for Bob Stoops. So, while Chip Kelly likely missed a few good opportunities while things were going haywire with the 49ers. He should still be fine this time next year, if he plays his cards right. I’m sure ESPN will be glad to have him, in the meantime.


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