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Should Tom Brady hang up his cleats? 

Tom Brady Super Bowl 52 MVP

Tom Brady retire? No, of course not. But, should he, even after a record-setting Super Bowl 51?


A guy that just completed a season with over 3,500 yards passing and 28 TD’s, while playing in only 12 games, certainly doesn’t sound like a guy that should be considering retirement. If that doesn’t impress you, try his 4770 yards and 36 TD’s in 2015 on for size. That’s not even considering Sunday night’s ridiculous comeback win in Super Bowl 51 over the Atlanta Falcons.

43 of 62 passing for a Super Bowl record 468 yards and two TD’s. It’s Brady’s 5th Lombardi Trophy, and 4th Super Bowl MVP. He’s now surpassed Joe Montana in Super Bowl wins. He’s also surpassed Montana as being the GOAT. At this point you have to wonder what else is left for him to accomplish? Well, besides beating Eli Manning in a Super Bowl, that is. Waiting for Eli and the Giants to make another Super Bowl appearance may take a while.

Tom Brady, is 39 years old and change, but he certainly doesn’t play like it. How long can he keep that up, though? At some point and time, Brady is going to start playing like his age. Who knows, that could be next season, where he will be 40. It’s a bit of a gamble.

Roy Jones Jr. on the mat against Antonio Tarver

Roy Jones Jr. on the mat, knocked down and embarrased by Antonio Tarver.

We’ve seen it too often, major sports figures who wait far too long to call it quits. It’s happened countless times in boxing. Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield and Roy Jones Jr., are all perfect examples of fighters who went into the ring far too many times for far too long.

Michael Jordan, is another example of a player that should have retired earlier. After winning six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan went on to play with the Washington Wizards. Needless to say, that didn’t turn out quite as well. Jordan’s legacy is just fine. However, it would have been even better if his last jumper was the one that beat the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals.  It’s also not a stretch to add Shaq and maybe even Kobe Bryant to that long list of NBA players who should have retired sooner.

Michael Jordan saying goodbye

Michael Jordan saying goodbye to the crowd in his last appearance before he finally retired for good in 2003.

We saw it in the NFL recently with Brett Favre. After 16 years in Green Bay, Favre gave it one more shot with the New York Jets for a season, and then Minnesota. Favre, played ok at times,  but he was a shell of himself as he reached age 40.

If Brady were to go out on top right now, who could blame him? His wife, certainly couldn’t. In fact, she wants him to retire. She wants her man to take his five Super Bowl rings and just ride off with her into the sunset. Probably, to a remote beach no one knows about or few can afford to get to. Now, that’s the way to retire.

On the other hand, what better a situation for a 40-year-old could there be than the New England Patriots? Arguably, the best organization in sports, definitely the best organization in the NFL, the odds that we’ve seen the last of Tom Terrific in a Super Bowl aren’t very good. The Pats of course have Bill Belichick, a top five defense, and a healthy Gronk to make a run at Minneapolis, site of Super Bowl 52.

Who really wants Tom Brady to retire anyway? If your team beats the Patriots, it’s not going to seem quite the same without Brady. It’s also not going to seem quite the same to call the Pats ‘cheaters’ or the ‘Faketriots’ without him either. Face it, you love Tom Brady because you love to hate him. Don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But, neither are the Patriots.

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