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Cowboys’ Tony Romo retiring from NFL is right decision

Tony Romo retiring

Tony Romo has reportedly taken off his helmet for the last and trading it in for a microphone. (Photo Courtesy:


After, months and months of speculation of where Tony Romo would end up once he got healthy, we finally have an answer. The answer is a bit of a surprise, but it’s the answer that makes the most sense. Tony Romo retiring from the NFL is the right thing to do. It’s right for him at 37 years-old, and it’s right for his family. Especially, since his wife is pregnant with their third child. It’s a move that will be a hot topic for some time, and will send teams like the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans scrambling for other options.

Word on the street is Romo is likely to begin a career in broadcasting for the NFL. It’s unknown what network, however. CBS, ESPN, and NBC have all been rumored. One rumor has Romo joining CBS and possibly taking over for Phil Simms as their lead color commentator. Another rumor has him on NBC Thursday night games.

It will be very interesting to see how this ends up. But, for now the fact that we won’t ever see Romo throw a football again is a bit sad. Knowing that he won’t do anymore damage to his body than has already been done, however should make all of us happy.

Tony Romo retiring reportedly had less to do with him wanting to retire, but more to do with him not wanting a change. A change of team playbooks and philosophies from that he’s used to in Dallas. A change of location for his family. It’s the right decision for everyone involved. But, it could also leave the door open for a comeback. Especially, if the Cowboys need a QB in a pinch.

Hopefully, that will never happen. It’s Dak Prescott’s team now, and his continued progression is what’s most important. For Romo, his first telecast will be highly anticipated. Let’s just hope he’s not too much of a homer when he announces Cowboys games……

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