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Antonio Cromartie on Twitter defends Brock Osweiler saying film proves he’s legit NFL starter

Brock Osweiler defended by NFL Free Agent Antonio Cromartie on Twitter

Antonio Cromartie standing up for Brock Osweiler on Twitter is quite interesting to say the least.

Brock Osweiler received backup from an unlikely source yesterday. After some users of Twitter questioned the Browns new QB saying film of his last two seasons proved he is a legitimate NFL starter, it was Antonio Cromartie that came to his defense. Seeing the NFL Free Agent defensive back in a Twitter debate over a player he’s never been a teammate of is pretty incredible. Here’s video of Osweiler’s press conference, if you haven’t seen it.

The reporter is wrong for asking this question to Osweiler. However, you have to admit, Brock Osweiler saying film proves he’s a legitimate NFL starter is a lot like Kim and Khloe Kardashian saying there is no ‘Kardashian Curse’ and that they’re a good influence for all the athletes they’ve dated. While they may think they are, the proof just isn’t isn’t in the pudding. Not yet anyway, for Osweiler. 

Now, here’s the Twitter debate Cromartie engaged himself in.

These are my two favorite tweets during the exchange….

Hard to argue with the last two tweets.

There should be little debating that the Texans defense won them games in 2016, not necessarily Brock Osweiler. However, despite that fact, he should have the confidence in himself that he can get the job done. What was he supposed to say to that reporter? No? ‘Well, no I don’t think I’m a true starter. I’m just here to earn my money by sitting on the bench?’

Still, it’s not the confidence in himself that’s the problem. It’s him throwing in “just pull up the film of the last two years” that has everyone questioning him.

The film isn’t that good, Brock. Especially, the film of last season. However, your contract is equal to that of a QB with star material.

While, it’s silly of a reporter to ask a question like that to a player, the question itself is legitimate. Which makes the worries of Browns fans legitimate.

As for Cromartie, his free agency moves on. Where the 11-year veteran lands, no one knows. But, one thing seems to be for sure. He’ll definitely have his QB’s back on Twitter.



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