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Spurs vs Warriors: NBA Western Conference Finals Preview

Spurs vs Warriors Western Conference Final

Lamarcus Aldridge is the key to ‘pace and power’ the San Antonio Spurs past Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors…

The San Antonio Spurs have to have two things working for them if they are to win this Spurs vs Warriors Western Conference Finals.  Pace and Power…. Two simple things, that aren’t very simple to pull off. Especially, not against the team with the NBA’s best record for 3 consecutive seasons. 

Lamarcus Aldridge, will play a huge part in that pace and power the Spurs need to win this series. Aldridge, finally had the type game we’ve expected from him in that Game 6 blowout of the Rockets. But, he must continue that pace and be consistent. 

Still, even that may not be enough. The Warriors come into this series with one of the most potent offenses ever. Kevin Durant is healthy now, especially with the Warriors having so many days off, and the Dubs are now receiving major contributions from Javale McGee.  That’s in addition to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The Dubs swept Portland and Utah to get here. 

Of course, the Warriors are playing without their head coach Steve Kerr. If things are interesting late in the game, Mike Brown will be put to the test. The Warriors hope Kerr will be back before the playoffs are over. 



Kevin Durant has something to prove. He has to prove that he can step up in the Big moments of a huge playoff series. As good a player as KD is, we’ve seen the All-Star forward not show up on several occasions. The most recent being Game 6 of the WCF last season against the team he currently plays for. The Thunder had a shot to close out the Warriors in six games, but Durant had a terrible 2nd half in Game 6, and the rest is history. 

Kawhi Leonard is very capable of slowing down Durant. However, it’s doubtful that he will come into this series at 100 percent. Leonard, injured his ankle in Game 5 of the Houston series, and did not play in Game 6. Kawhi, is obviously very important on both sides of the floor. 

If KD allows Kawhi to get into his head, the Warriors could be in trouble. 

Aldridge vs Draymond

Draymond Green has also had his success against Aldridge, despite being undersized. Aldridge, for whatever reason gets passive in certain situations. And, it’s been that way ever since he left Portland for San Antonio. Much like Durant can’t allow Leonard to get in his head, the Dame has to hold true for Aldridge. An aggressive Lamarcus Aldridge has a distinct advantage over any Warrior trying to guard him, including Green. 


SPURS – Jonathan Simmons 

Simmons was a huge difference in the Rockets series with his defense and timely scoring. He has to be just as good against Golden State. 

WARRIORS – Javale McGee 

McGee continues to be a huge surprise. He’s no longer a regular one Shaqtin-A-Fool, but he must continue to give the Dubs rim protection and timely offense on the interior. 


As impressive as the Spurs victory over the Rockets looks, if you’re keeping it real, the Rockets looked like the more talented team through most of the series. The Spurs better and more importantly tougher when it counted. If the not so tough-minded Rockets could have finished Game 5, they likely would have won the series. The Warriors are better in every sense of the word than Houston…….. WARRIORS in 6

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