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Vols’ Josh Dobbs named starter vs Giants. Can he be Steelers number two QB? 

Vols Josh Dobbs now Steelers QB

Former Vols’ QB Josh Dobbs makes NFL Preseason debut as starter Friday night vs New York Giants.

With starting QB Ben Roethlisberger sitting out the first Preseason game or two as usual, someone has to step in and start the game. That someone will be former Tennessee Vols’ star QB Josh Dobbs

Behind Big Ben, the Steelers currently have Landry Jones second on the QB depth chart. However, he’s suffering from an abdominal injury. So, Dobbs is getting a lot of the reps in camp that Jones would normally enjoy. Those reps can only help Dobbs in the long run. 

Jones, is still somewhat looked at as the heir-apparent to Roethlisberger, but that sentiment is quickly fading away. He’s struggled big time since being drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 draft. So much so, that it’s very conceivable that with a strong training camp, even as a rookie, Josh Dobbs could absolutely be head coach Mike Tomlin’s number two guy.

Not like 4th-round draft picks from the SEC can’t make a splash as a rookie. Just ask Tony Romo after Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott took his job away and never gave it back last season. Instead of Romo being under center this season, you can find him sitting next to CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz, doing play-by-play. 

But, it starts with Dobbs and his ability to improve throwing the football. So far, things are reportedly going pretty well in camp. Although, there are reports that Dobbs is still having trouble with accuracy on intermediate routes down field. 

There’s no questioning his athleticism, but more importantly there’s no questioning his smarts. Pretty much anything you put in front of him, he going to figure out. What else would you expect from an aerospace engineer major? His athleticism and smarts are the reason Pittsburgh took a chance on Dobbs improving as a passersby. And, with Roethlisberger’s injury history over the last several seasons, being the backup to him likely means you’re going to start a game or two or at least get some meaningful action somewhere during the season. 

The door is clearly open for Josh Dobbs to be the guy that replaces a legend. The first step towards that is Friday night vs the Giants. 

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