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NFL Week 5 On the Sneak Game of the Week – Chargers vs Giants

Eli Manning and Philip Rivers - NFL On the hush Game of Week 5 - Chargers at Giants

Eli Manning and Philip Rivers are getting set to battle one more time. Which QB gets his team their first victory on Sunday?


NFL Sunday is usually filled with great matchups that receive all the hype and all the attention from Sportscenter, to the NFL Network, to all of the sports talk shows across the country. But, what about those games that people aren’t talking about? How about those matchups within the game that deserve our attention? They deserve our love too! THE Sports & Swag Report recognizes that and will deliver, each week, the On the Sneak Game of the Week! This week’s game………………CHARGERS vs GIANTS





OK, so it’s not Cam Newton vs Matthew Stafford in the Panthers vs Lions game, quite possibly the best QB matchup of Week 5. In that game, each team is looking for their fourth win in five tries on the season. In this game that features Philip Rivers and Eli Manning, each team is looking for their first win of the season. A game where each team is looking not to lose their 5th game in five tries.

When thinking about Rivers vs Manning, obviously the first thing that comes up is ‘The Trade.’ In 2004, Eli was drafted number one overall by the then-San Diego Chargers. However, his Dad, Archie Manning, wasn’t exactly enamored over his youngest son playing for what was then the NFL’s worst team. So, the Chargers found a trade partner in the New York Giants, who selected Rivers three picks later at number four overall.

The head-to-head battle between these two has been quite lopsided. Eli is 0-3 all time vs the Chargers. However, two Super Bowl victories over Tom Brady and the Patriots certainly make the trade look like the right move. There’s no chance Eli wins those Super Bowls in San Diego. Manning also has slightly better passing numbers than Rivers all-time. Despite all that, the narrative is that the 13-year vet from NC State is better than the 13-year vet from Ole Miss. Of course, with that being the case, it’s not difficult to realize Rivers would probably have those two rings, not Manning if the trade didn’t happen.




O'dell Beckham Jr. - NFL Week 5 On the Sneak Game of The Week, Chargers vs Giants

Two TD’s last week vs Tampa Bay indicates OBJ is hitting his stride….


Chargers vs Giants is about more than Rivers and Manning. O’Dell Beckham Jr., whether good or bad, is always worth the price of admission. The Chargers will no question have to figure out how to keep him quiet. OBJ is hitting his stride. In the last two games, vs the Eagles and Bucs, he’s had 16 catches for 169 yards and two TD’s. Unfortunately, on one of those TD’s he thought his celebration of him mimicking a dog relieving himself was a good idea. The NFL promptly relieved him of a pretty big fine for that gesture.


Melvin Gordon - NFL Week 5 On the Sneak Game of the Week, Chargers vs Giants

Melvin Gordon needs to hit his stride for the Chargers offense to reach it’s peak.


Melvin Gordon is off to a slow start in 2017, largely due to an injury that kept him sidelined through the preseason and first game of the season. When Gordon is on, he’s one of the NFL’s best running backs. But, his 54 carries for 168 yards so far this season isn’t going to cut it. The Chargers, and namely Philip Rivers need Gordon to carry the load more effectively. However, that will be a tough task against a tough Giants defense.



Despite not winning a game so far, both teams have been very competitive. Both teams have also had tough schedules to this point. The Chargers, besides losing to Miami, have three losses by a combined 19 points to teams (Broncos, Chiefs, and Eagles) with a combined 10-2 record. The Giants have been heart-broken the last two weeks. Against the Eagles in Week 3, the Giants erased a 14-0 deficit and led 24-21 late. But, the Eagles prevailed with two field goals within the final minute to give the Eagles the 27-24 win. Then last week in Tampa, the Bucs beat the Giants with a field goal as time expired.

So, both teams are obviously very competitive and there’s no reason to believe that won’t continue on Sunday. The Chargers don’t usually fare well in early games on the East coast. Plus, it’s just hard seeing the Chargers fix their offensive woes against one of the NFL’s better defenses. Look for the New York Football Giants to win THE Sports & Swag Report’s NFL Week 5 On the Sneak Game of the Week and their first game of 2017…………26-23




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