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Hello, and Welcome to Sports & Swag!


I hope that you will enjoy all the great content here. This site is and always will be a sports website, first and foremost. We’ll have content at one time or another on virtually everything pertaining to sports. So, just because you may not see Golf, or the NHL featured on the home page. That doesn’t mean we won’t have content. However, the focus of this website will primarily be on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and College Football and Basketball. There will also always be even more of a focus on SEC Football and Hoops. I’m from Birmingham Alabama and I’m a huge Alabama football and hoops fan. So, the SEC means a lot to me and I know it like the back of my hand. You can rest assured that you will find the SEC content here not only entertaining but also very informative.

So, that takes care of the Sports. What about the Swag?

The Swag part of the site primarily deals with sports figures, their comings and goings and special accomplishments on and off the court or field. As I’m sure you know, pro athletes can have a style all their own. And that’s exactly what Swag is. It’s all about Style. How much you have and how you show it off. That style may be good or bad depending on your tastes. Regardless, if we feel it’s newsworthy, you’ll see it right here. Whether, it’s Russell Westbrook and some of his insane outfits to Von Miller and his appearances at the Grammy’s and on Dancing With the Stars. We also won’t forget major happenings in entertainment (especially if it is sports-related).

So, again I thank you for visiting and your interest in my site. I hope you enjoy and that you subscribe so you can receive an email every time new content is posted here. Also, if you like what you see here. Please spread the word about  Sports & Swag! Now, back to the great content of this website! Enjoy!

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